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  1. Hello Felicia, I'm not sure what you are asking. The website is only editable by website administrators, there's no ability to drag and drop. If you go to the Artists Index you will see a list of the artists who have submitted. The names of artist who haven't submitted will eventually be added but those who make an effort are the priority https://www.torpedofactoryartists.com/artist-roster I made a page for you that includes whatever info you were able to supply. You will be getting an email shortly that will ask for edits you want to text and website and social media link etc, so keep an eye out for that. https://www.torpedofactoryartists.com/participants/felicia-belair-rigdon
  2. Help staffing the gallery for our guest artists! The association won't grow without involvement and consideration from our membership! Please consider signing up for a shift to keep the doors open! SIGN UP HERE
  3. Torpedo Factory Artists Association Regional Painting Competition, July 23 - August 22, 2021 Torpedo Factory Artists @ Mosaic Satellite Space : 105 District Avenue, Fairfax VA 22031 Open to 2D artists residing or working in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania working in watercolor, oil, ink, gouache, acrylic, encaustic and mixed media. Juror: Phil Hutinet, Publisher, East City Art Juror Awards: $ 750 Best in Show, sponsored by FrameMasters $ 500 Second Place, sponsored by Rhonda Campbell Perry of Campbell Residential Group $ 150 Third place, sponsored by Capitol Hill Art League (CHAL) $100 Best Watercolor in Show, sponsored by Potomac Valley Watercolorists Honorable Mention Certificates Awarded by Juror SUBMIT TODAY!
  4. Hi Felicia. This forum is brand spanking new, so new that there is minimal activity and its not quite set up. I just happen to see this while trying to get the forum set up. If you are getting the weekly artists newsletter there is a link there to submit a proposal for shows at the tfaa galleries. If you are not getting the weekly email, double check your spam, and send an email to admin@torpedofactoryartists.com to request your email be added. In the meantime, here is the link to submit a proposal https://forms.gle/iyGDMkRRyzeXKqRf7 I don't know the schedule or whether we will still have that space come dec bc of the city. There are gallery staffing and commission requirements. thanks!
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